Can all your sports bags and back packs be manufactured in club colours?

A: Yes, any colour combination available, specific to your needs

Can we add additional pockets to the bags and backpacks, both internal and external?

A: Yes, you can add as many pockets as you require, providing they can fit in the manufacturing process

If we require a sports bag or back pack specific in size to suit our needs, can you supply?

A: Yes, we can provide either bag in any size you require

Can a bag be specifically designed to suit the trade industry, in regards to versatility, durability, and specific branding?

A: Yes, we can provide all these features for any type of trade bag required

Can all our sports balls be customised in your colours, logo’s and actual design?

A: Yes, we can manufacture to your design, or assist with a design, all specific to your needs

What are the minimum quantities for balls and bags?

A: 50 only required for manufacture

Are both sea and air freight options available for all orders?

A: Yes, depending on your time line, we can offer both options

Can our boxing product range be custom branded with your business or club logo?

A: Yes, we can brand with your details

Can we produce apparel in any design, colour, style required?

A: Yes, we can manufacture from your design, or assist you to come up with a design

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