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At Arcus Sport, we can provide you with the very best in sporting goods, apparel and equipment. From high-quality personalised sports balls and bags through to uniforms and cricket bats, our range is extensive in variety and impressive in quality. Since 1962, we’ve been the go-to destination for sporting goods worldwide, making us a leading choice for bags, balls, apparel, training equipment and more.

Concentrating on providing a service that’s convenient and satisfying, we pride ourselves on offering products made with quality fabrics and stylish personalised designs. If you’re looking to establish your team’s branding, Arcus Sport can provide the expert assistance you need.

Our Products

At Arcus Sport, we have a wide variety of custom sportswear and sporting goods products available. As a leading personalised sporting equipment provider, we make it our mission to only source quality fabrics and offer unique designs.

Our product range includes:

  • Personalised Sports Balls – Arcus Sport is excited to provide our customers with a wide range of sports balls that are fully customisable. Choose from a variety of colours, styles and types, with our available options for personalised sports balls including rugby, AFL, soccer, netball, basketball and more.
  • SportsBags– Establish your branding and bring the team together even further with our options to design your own sporting bags and apparel. We have a wide variety of colours, designs and styles to choose from so you can make these items your own.
  • Team Apparel- At Arcus Sport, we manufacture and supply custom made apparel for your team. Our range includes Sublimated T-shirts, caps, socks and netball dresses in your club colours and custom designs.
  • Training Equipment – Train your best with our variety of training and sporting equipment. We manufacture products like:
    • Training vests and bibs,
    • Agility hurdles and marker cones
    • Arm bands and wrist bands
    • Medicine balls

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Arcus Sport is the best choice for personalised sports balls, apparel and equipment, with options that are high in both quality and style. Our team of passionate workers are happy to work with you to achieve the branding and professionalism you’re after. Call us today on 1800 943 615 to find out how we can transform your ideas into high-quality custom designs.

Our Products

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